Hometown: San Juan Puerto Rico

When did you start in the fitness industry: 2012

Bio: I have always enjoyed being active. As a kid, I participated in tennis, volleyball and dance. Once I start incorporating the gym as part of my "hobbies" I quickly fell in love with strength training. I started competing in the bodybuilding industry around 4 years ago after getting approached by so many friends asking why I didn’t compete if "I had the body for it". Well one day I decided to step on stage and make it real. After getting multiple first place finishes at the NPC level and a qualification to compete at the national level, I decided to attempt to get my pro card. It took me 2 national shows to get my pro card. Discipline and hard work are the best words to describe what you need to succeed in this industry.

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Favorite body part to train: Legs and shoulders

Favorite cheat meal: Burgers, pizza, PB, chocolate, cookies, ice cream and donuts 

Favorite workout music: Fight song by; Rachel Platten

Fitness plans/goals: Competing has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have a new found confidence that has come from knowing I stayed the course- pushed through physical and mental adversities, avoided temptation and never gave up when things got difficult. I plan to continue my career competing bringing the best of me every time I step on stage. My personal goal is to win a pro show, be able to compete in the Olympia, and continue inspiring others to never give up.


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